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Tool 16

Survey on Media use: Persona Approach

Tool 16: Survey on media use: Persona approach
Pfannenberg/Tessmer/Wecker: JP KOM Toolbox EN

Guiding question

Which media do stakeholders use in which situation/at what time of day?


  • Develop a vivid picture ("insights") of stakeholders' media usage behavior
  • Differentiate the picture of stakeholders' media usage behavior according to segments/roles
  • Provide criteria for the design of the media portfolio


The persona approach can also be used in a focused way to research and gain insights into the media usage behavior of stakeholder groups and segments. The "Day in the Life" approach (cf. Tool 14: Persona) adapted to gain insights into the following questions:

  • Which devices do stakeholders use at what time of day?
  • What software do they use to do this?
  • In the context of which – professional or private – activity is the media use?
  • Does the media use take place alone or in a group/team?

Several methods are connected in series for this purpose:

  1. Desk research draws on existing research on stakeholder media use behavior.
  2. A survey generates quantitative data, segmented by stakeholder subgroups, possibly also by roles in the (operational) context or by regions.
  3. Focus group interviews with representatives of individual stakeholder segments can add personal insights to the quantitative data obtained through surveys.