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The benefits of being part of an independent PR network - PRWeek asked network leaders and members

von Lea Strottner – 04. Mai 2022

JP KOM is a member of the International Public Relations Network (IPRN) – an international network of independent communications and public relations agencies. As one of more than 40 agencies from 40 countries, JP KOM works with companies and organizations around the world, enabling them to access each other’s expertise.

PRWeek asked five executives in agency networks and their member agencies about the benefits of this membership for clients and members. IPRN president Luis Gonzalez and Gretel Going, founder and president of our IPRN partner agency Channel V Media clearly, presented the benefits of being a member of the IPRN in the article:


International  Public  Relations  Network  (IPRN)

Number of agencies in network: 43

Countries/Continents covered: 40

Revenue for 2021: $118.44 million+

Founded: 1995

Structure/Organization: Board, chairman, president, executive council, regional chairs, committees and global market sector leader groups, AGM

Annual membership fee: From $1,075 to $2,615 depending on membership category


Luis  Gonzalez,  president,  IPRN

Ein Bild, das Person, Wand, Mann, drinnen enthält.Automatisch generierte BeschreibungWhat is the USP of IPRN for 1. Clients and 2. Member agencies?

IPRN offers worldwide representation with a highly flexible, competitive, independent and local expert value offer, with great connections. Our members are owner-managed, middle-sized agencies providing strategic counsel and best practice with a focus on cost effectiveness, acting fast and being efficient. Senior partners provide insight, strategy development, cultural knowledge and media partner connections around the globe for the most effective local market representation of companies in nearly every part of the world. IPRN is a European multicultural global network with more than 25 years of experience that helps clients build their international PR networks.

IPRN members benefit from direct contacts with agency owners across the globe to form effective and productive local market connections. Through our thought leadership programs, members share expertise, foster multicultural understanding and benefit from the knowledge transfer of best practice and business opportunities with our Efisystem concept. They also benefit from resources available in our Agency Intelligence Center and experience unique activities, such as our annual congress, held in the best cities of the world, our annual awards competition, educational webinars and advice.

What is the difference between using an independent agency network versus a holding company?

More flexibility and agility, better local knowledge and expertise, cost-effectiveness, direct contacts with agency owners that get involved in the business. Multicultural practical knowledge sharing and activities to build relationships. More competitive costs, independent market intelligence and PR advice and motivated staff.

How have recent events in Ukraine changed your attitude to global business and operating in countries that aren't democratic, such as Russia, China and Saudi Arabia?

IPRN unequivocally expresses our opposition to the war in Europe and supports Ukrainian people. We work effectively with all our members in non-democratic countries and continue encouraging them to work with integrity and to pursue truthful information. As disinformation is happening in other countries we appeal to the media, citizens, and publicists, especially those on social media channels, to pay close attention to the disinformation and to fact check sources and work to eliminate misinformation.


Member perspective:

Gretel  Going,  founder  and  president,  Channel  Media

Ein Bild, das Person, Gebäude, draußen enthält.Automatisch generierte BeschreibungWhat are the advantages of being a member of IPRN?

The network consists of all founder-owned and operated agencies from around the world, so you’re meeting with the heads of agencies who have grown their companies from the ground up. We work with a lot of international clients interested in breaking into the U.S., as well as U.S. clients looking to create awareness abroad, so we’re regularly able to pull in our partner agencies to scale our offering with highly local experts, and help them scale their offering here in the U.S. We all meet in person one or two times a year, so having that direct connection with the agencies makes our collaboration particularly efficient and productive.

The network in action for Channel V Media in the U.S. and globally

Meatless Farm enters the U.S.

U.K.-based Meatless Farm had become a household name in Europe after selling its meat-free patties and ground into EU grocery stores, but it was completely unknown in the U.S. When Meatless Farm secured a contract with Whole Foods Market stateside, the brand’s U.K. agency Nexus used Channel V to leverage the company’s debut in the grocer’s 450 store locations and build out a multi-touch program to make its presence known to U.S. audiences.
In the first six months, Channel V secured over 135 pieces of press coverage across top-tier media outlets. Not only did Meatless Farm see increased in-store demand, but the activity also played a critical role in driving inbound requests for the previously unknown brand from major U.S. grocery chains, QSR chains, meal kit companies and even airlines.