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International communication: thought leadership campaign for electronics company nVent

von Sonja Burbach – 02. März 2023

JP KOM has been a member of the International Public Relations Network (IPRN) for almost 20 years. There is a lively exchange of knowledge between members and many successful collaborations. Since July, JP KOM has been supporting nVent’s thought leadership campaign in Germany with media relations towards the opinion leading and trade press. Lead agency is our London based partner agency HOUSTON, BPR FRANCE is in charge of media relations in France.

Already in 2021, JP KOM has supported nVent with product communication in German media. nVent is a leading provider of protection solutions for mission-critical electronics. Global sales are 2,5 billion USD with more than 120 locations worldwide. Key markets are commercial and residential buildings, industry, infrastructure and energy. nVent provides products such as cooling systems for data centers, protection mechanisms for railroad technology or power blocks for energy storage systems.

In the last two years, nVent has positioned itself as a provider of electronic components that are critical for electrified processes. Under the claim “mission critical” nVent connects its products with top interest issues such as protecting critical technology, energy storage, smart buildings and data security. In all fields, nVent focuses on sustainability (in material and application fields) and provides solutions for circumstances caused by climate change.


nVent_Mission critical areas

Mission critical areas posed by the electrification of world: automation, energy grids, 5G, smart construction and transport. (source: nVent)

Thought leadership

According to Luisa Bisswanger thought leadership is realized when a novel point of view is connected with a well-known issue (2018). Thought leadership boosts a sender’s competence and thus pays off in terms of reputation. It increases the probability of asserting positions and is the basis for preference from customers and decision-makers. It generates trust and stabilizes the relationship with stakeholders during a crisis.


Strategy and issues

nVent’s thought leadership campaign aims to link its specialized products to socially relevant issues or events and take new positions, make forward-looking statements and claims, and propose solutions.

At the moment, we are focusing on three issues: data security, railway infrastructure and energy storage in connection with renewable energies (solar, wind, etc.). First articles have been published about liquid cooling in data centers and railway solutions. Liquid cooling for example, is a trending method that uses cold liquid in close contact with cables and racks instead of air conditioning an entire room.


nVent Website_Railway Infrastructure

(source: nVent)

On its website, nVent has connected its solutions for railway infrastructure – electronics cabinets, lightning and surge protection or rail heating systems – with current issues and rail modernization projects in Europe. With this as a basis, we extended the storyline with German market statistics, needs in German railway infrastructure and, of course, the sabotage in Northern Germany in 2022 as a hook of the story. The issues: computer based interlockings, intelligent rail signalling and communication systems. We placed this statement by a nVent spokesperson: “Rail infrastructures are more threatened than ever – by climate change, but also by vandalism, sabotage and cybercrime. Time is pressing for better protection of infrastructures and customers – the right technologies already exist.” With this approach, we can practice agenda surfing – a popular technique in issue management besides agenda setting and agenda cutting.

To learn more about thought leadership strategies, visit our website.

Here is one article we have published in Internationales Verkehrswesen together with nVent and HOUSTON: „Schutz digitaler Bahntechnik“.