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Tool 10

Analysis: Positioning/Messages in the Market

Tool 10: Analysis: Positioning messages
Pfannenberg/Tessmer/Wecker: JP KOM Toolbox EN

Guiding question

How is your own company or product seen in the market compared to the competition?


  • Evaluate the core messages of one's own company in comparison with those of the competition
  • Compare the claims of the companies
  • Compare the design approaches and visuals of the companies
  • Avoid mispositioning of the company/product, achieve a strong positioning


For the analysis of the positioning of one's own company/products & services, it is advisable to compare leading advertising media of low complexity/low content depth. The media must contain the essential elements of communication, such as:

  • Core messages with functional and emotional benefits
  • Logo
  • Claim
  • Central visual (image of product or product benefit or consumer or symbol etc.)

Accordingly, publicly available media can be used for competitive positioning analysis, e.g., advertisements, posters, the first page of the website or advertising banners.

The positioning analysis is performed in the following steps:

  1. The competitor companies to be analyzed are determined.
  2. The research and selection of media takes place.
  3. The media are analyzed using the table.
  4. Recommendations are derived.