As an employer, we rely on the extraordinary innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of our staff – from trainees all the way up to group head.


We should probably mention that 25% of our consultants here at JP│KOM submitted speculative applications. So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you have the following:





  • A desire for excellence 

  • A thirst for knowledge and a taste for innovation

  • The ability to express yourself well when asked for advice

  • The ability to argue your point of view

  • Pragmatism, when needed

  • ...and sometimes the right amount of coolness


The people who work for us show a pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit. The values that we strive for together are defined by our employees and the management team in joint workshops.


We want to learn from one another and go out of our way to exchange learnings and experiences.


We give ourselves the space and time we need to think and try out new things.


Rules and processes are transparent. We communicate in an open, direct, clear and specific manner − but in a way that is always respectful too.


As true team players, we want to achieve success together. We always take the time to listen to and help our colleagues.


We want you to be able to play to your personal strengths and to feel happy working here. That’s why we provide:

In-house training for trainee consultants

Internal training sessions organized by the agency


Regular reviews for setting goals; and for consultants, incentives via individual score cards


Lunch subsidies plus free drinks and fresh fruit


Reimbursement of exercise / fitness costs, e.g. gym membership


Company pension scheme


From DJ to Dr. Duden: a career at JP│KOM


From DJ to Dr. Duden: a career at JP│KOM

In 2000, Arne Borgards wrote a letter to agency owner Jörg Pfannenberg – a letter that he still remembers to this day: “Though the letter didn’t feature relevant PR experience, it did demonstrate stylistic flair and imagination. My first impression was: this man can write. And his Arabic studies, with references to the One Thousand and One Nights tales, sounded very promising – even if I wasn’t sure how we could use it at the time.” Today, Arne Borgards is the undisputed authority on linguistic style, grammar and spelling at JP│KOM. And he’s made his way up the ladder from trainee to partner. Thanks to his law studies and his meticulous nature, he’s also become the go-to person on legal matters relating to the business, as well as head of finance and HR. And when JP│KOM throws a party, Arne Borgards sometimes reveals his alter ego – he’s also a dedicated DJ and music lover.


University graduates start their careers with us as trainees.

A traineeship at JP | KOM is 15 months long. By working across the various services offered by the agency and participating in the complementary training program, our trainees familiarize themselves with a wide range of communication strategies and tools. They get to know all the areas and departments of a thriving communications agency, as we help them grow into an expert consultant.

Traineeships cover the following:

  • Organization and accounting
  • Concept and consulting
  • Developing all kinds of texts
  • Media design and production
  • Plus a lot of contemporary content from other areas, such as controlling, law and creative techniques.

Applicants with prior job experience may join us as (junior / senior) consultants or directors.

The coffee kitchen: not perfect but made with love


Sit back and relax on a quiet couch


So, what do JP│KOM staff eat?


Work hard, play hard – right next door


The coffee kitchen: not perfect but made with love

Like the interiors of all the rooms at JP│KOM offices, the Plaza is planned and organized by staff. Of course, it’s home to the standard coffee kitchen. But something seems to have gone amiss in the planning process – because the space isn’t that easy to use: the cupboard doors don’t have any handles, and each one opens in a different direction. And where are the dishwasher and garbage disposal? It doesn’t matter: after all, people have brought their own personal preferences to the space. Collaborative design is important – but even at our agency, it doesn’t automatically lead to what’s best!

Sit back and relax on a quiet couch

The Plaza is home to a “quiet couch”, which invites you to chill out, enjoy a snooze or simply have a think. Staff come here for private conversations or even personal telephone calls – after all, the boundaries between work and our personal lives are becoming more and more blurred. The view from the window promises new perspectives, while a power nap on the couch can re-energize you for your work ahead.

So, what do JP│KOM staff eat?

Based on the variety of restaurants in the business park the agency is located in, the answer to this question isn’t simple. But one thing is clear: a relaxed, lounge-style ambience will be even more popular among the agency staff of the future. That's why our staff enjoy their lunch at The BRONX BAR - amongst others.  Guests at Frango Português. can enjoy Portuguese cooking, ornamental bric-a-brac, soccer on TV around the clock, and melancholic fado music. Directly opposite the agency lies the Hase + Igel, which is ideal for light business lunches with clients.

Work hard, play hard – right next door

Our Düsseldorf office is located directly next to the former power station of Dr. Thompson’s laundry detergent factory. Since 2011, Dr. Thompson’s has been one of the city’s most popular hangouts, attracting – among others − many current and former German Bundesliga players. There’s often live music provided by DJs or bands, which can easily be heard in the offices above. We can’t think of a better way to begin your evening. Can you?