Interim Management

Get top-notch expertise on board

Our Service

Use the expertise of JP│KOM consultants
and our freelancers inhouse.

Whether it’s providing cover for vacancies or meeting other short-term staffing requirements – JP│KOM’s interim management is a quick and efficient solution to your staffing needs:

  • Duration: from two weeks to two years
  • Consultant level: assistant, experienced or management role.

What’s more, we have a network of seasoned communications managers in Germany and Switzerland who can be available at short notice and are flexible in terms of location.

    Our interim managers can support you with:

    • Change communication
    • Project communication (as part of project management)
    • Social media management
    • Agile communication management on site
    • Internal comms
    • External corporate communication
    • B2B marketing communication
    • Healthcare communication
    • Office services

    On request, we can also provide assistance in other areas. Just get in touch.

    How it works

    Fast, tailored support for your communications challenges

    Our approach

    • Identification of the need / goal
    • Screening and presentation of several candidates
    • Consulting and communication management in your company
    • Guidance and quality management during the period of service
    • If needed, additional JP│KOM staff can be deployed.

    JP│KOM is ready to meet your temporary staffing needs and provide rapid support. But of course, our job doesn’t end there.

    • We actively support the interim managers and the company in their collaboration – because the shared goal is quality and genuine support.
    • If necessary, additional JP│KOM consultants and experts can be deployed within the agency to support your company.