Agile Meeting Box

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Want to really captivate and engage your team?
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Are you a communications or HR professional? An innovation or strategy manager, or head of a department with a pioneering role? Then it’s time to not only preach an agile mindset, but live and breathe it – and make it accessible to others, whether in board meetings or in town halls.

The Agile Meeting Box offers all the tools you need to host an agile meeting or event.

And of course, our consultants are on hand to share their knowledge in planning and moderation.

How it works

JP│KOM and the Agile Meeting Box

Included in the Agile Meeting Box

  • Live surveys in more than 10 formats
  • 100+ participants
  • Your branding / Corporate Design
  • Integration with your presentation
  • Simple interfaces with your event technology.

Included in our service

  • Moderation and speaker research
  • Event planning
  • Live sketching of your event
  • Vox pop video
  • Q&As for management / change events
  • Interactive games / technology, e.g. throwable microphones.