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The agency of the future, in buildings from the past


Schwanenhöfe: from laundry detergent factory to a creative hub


The agency of the future, in buildings from the past

Tradition and the future may seem to contradict one another, but that isn’t always the case. After all, the experiences and learnings that our staff bring to our agency form the basis of the concepts of the future. Ultimately, life itself is a play on tradition. The question is: how can we use these experiences effectively – and make a better future out of them?

Schwanenhöfe: from laundry detergent factory to a creative hub

It is said that the Schwanenhöfe ("Swan Courtyards") in Düsseldorf were home to the first laundry detergent factory in Europe. Production of Dr. Thompson’s Schwan brand laundry detergent began here in 1897 – making it one of Germany’s first branded products. Around 30 years later, the factory was purchased by Henkel, keeping the Schwan brand alive. Production came to an end in 2005 and the plot went unused for a further five years until, in 2010, it was brought back to life by an ambitious architecture firm. Today, the Schwanenhöfe in Flingern-Süd is a campus comprising studios and workshops, restaurants and agencies, and is home to one of of Germany’s top business schools. Swans can be seen in the ironwork on the fence and window railings, as well as in the pond at the entrance – home to the swan couple Siegfried and Odette.

We shape digital change – in new and traditional companies as well. Our portfolio comprises strategic consulting, fascinating stories and high-quality content in attractive media. At our offices in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, 30 employees support customers in in healthcare, trade, the mechanical engineering, technology and chemical industries, banks/insurance companies and other sectors. As a member of the International PR Network (IPRN), JP│KOM has 50 cooperation partners worldwide.




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Our Values

The values that we aspire to here at JP│KOM
were defined by employees and directors in workshops.


With strong arguments and compelling stories we play an active role in growing markets.


We enjoy discovering the latest trends and translating them into innovative services – faster than our competitors.


Each one of us is prepared to provide guidance and lead from the front – both, on a professional and on a personal level.


How do we help our customers?


What is collaboration like at JP│KOM?

All paths lead to the Plaza


Our dress code: changing with the times


The Red Sofa: our founder’s favorite story


Self-promotion: smile and say cheese


All paths lead to the Plaza

When you arrive at our offices, you won’t see any desks. Instead you’ll see lots of free space, plus an open room with some small tables and rocking chairs, a sofa and long bar tables. Across the conference room – which we call the “Workshop” – you’ll notice the Plaza. It offers a place for conversations and exchange between people from across different teams and specializations. We also use the Plaza to welcome visitors or customers, eat together or play around with new strategies.

Our dress code: changing with the times

An increasing number of JP│KOM staff are choosing to ditch the car and commute to the office by bus or train, bike or even longboard. This may explain why the dress code isn’t as strict as it used to be. For one, ties are definitely out. Because, ultimately, the important thing is what’s going on inside your head – not what you’re wearing.

The Red Sofa: our founder’s favorite story

Every company has its own legends and myths about how it was founded – and JP│KOM is no different. Our story is about the Red Sofa. This faded IKEA sleeper sofa was originally purchased by the agency’s first ever intern, who got it for a special price. JP│KOM founder Jörg Pfannenberg enjoys telling staff (with transparent intentions) how, in the company’s early days, he often spent the night on this sofa. Today, red sofas can still be seen in the foyers of JP│KOM offices, where they invite people to sit and talk and provide a setting for the obligatory staff and visitor photos.

Self-promotion: smile and say cheese

Every JP│KOM employee, visitor and service provider is asked to sit on the Red Sofa and take a picture of themselves using the camera provided. Staff also take an additional silly photo. This is harder than it sounds, but it’s also good practice – after all, consulting often involves a little self-promotion.

Management team

We are an owner-managed agency – something our customers are reminded of every day: the partners are also company directors and are always on hand to answer questions.

Jörg Pfannenberg, Managing Partner

Arne Borgards, Managing Partner


At our agency, seasoned consulting professionals work alongside young creatives and experienced strategists, as well as editors and graphic designers.
It’s a mix that works a treat.

Jörg Pfannenberg

Eva Adams

Arne Borgards

Benedikt Borgmann

Zaba Fassihi

Andreas Gappel

Jan Gill

Nicole Gülker

Stefan Halberstadt

Jochen Kirchof

Judith Küpper

Anne Tessmer

Summer party: time to let our hair down


Celebrating our diversity through food


Summer party: time to let our hair down

Our roof terrace is one of the most beautiful in Düsseldorf, with views stretching all the way to the Rhine Tower in the Hafen district. It is also home to our annual JP│KOM summer party, where staff, former colleagues, customers, service providers and friends of the agency are invited to come together and celebrate. The fact that these people show up every year, sometimes sharing decade-old stories, is further proof of the huge value our agency places on maintaining and nurturing relationships.

Celebrating our diversity through food

JP│KOM staff come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Of course, excellent German is essential, as are those (in)famous German project management skills. But more than anything, the diversity of our team boosts our productivity – and nowhere is this more obvious than during the lunch break. Whether it’s on the large roof terrace in Düsseldorf or the Plaza in Frankfurt, you’ll hear lively discussions about what people have ordered or brought with them for lunch, and recipes being exchanged. That’s how we expand our culinary horizons, too.


We work for key players in the engineering, technology and chemical sectors, as well as leading banks, insurance firms and healthcare/medtech companies.

Logo BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH
Logo BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
Logo EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Logo Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Logo Active International
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Logo DuPont Deutschland

Our work packs a punch. But don’t take our customers’ word for it – just have a look at the list of awards we’ve won in recent years.

Logo LACP Spotlight Awards

LACP Spotlight Awards

2017 Platinum, “Digital: Newsletter/Mag” category
2015 Silver, “Digital: Newsletter/Mag” category
2014 Gold, “Print: Other” category
2013 Gold, “Print: Brochure” category

Logo Deutscher Preis für Wirtschaftskommunikation

Deutscher Preis für Wirtschaftskommunikation (German Corporate Communications Prize)
2009 Winner, “Best Public Relations Communication” category

Logo Deutscher PR Preis

Deutscher PR Preis (German PR Prize)
2015 Winner, “Change, Conflict and Crisis Communication” category
2009 Gold, “Sponsoring” category

Logo Econ Awards

Econ Awards
2009 Winner, “Strategic Corporate Communication” category

Logo inkom. Grand Prix

inkom. Grand Prix
2015 Silber in der Kategorie „Online“
2012 Silber in der Kategorie „E-Magazine“

Logo PR Report Awards

PR Report Awards
2008 Winner, “Issue Management” category
2005 Winner, “Innovative PR Tool” category

Logo International Public Relations Network Award

International Public Relations Network Award
2015 Winner, “Corporate” category
2014 Winner, “B2B Communication” category
2012 Winner, “B2B Communication” category

Logo European Excellence Awards

European Excellence Awards
2008 Winner, “Controlling/Evaluation” category

Logo International Business Awards

International Business Awards
2010 Distinguished Honoree, “Food & Beverage” category


International collaboration: the agency of the future is connected


As a member of the International Public Relations Network (IPRN), JP│KOM has more than 40 partners worldwide – each among the leading agencies in their respective countries.